How a selfie can do more than promote self-indulgence

BC Farmers’ Market’s selfie promotion was an opportunity to do more than indulge the “selfie nation.” The  “selfie” promotion was a good way to use social media to promo markets and produces.

But wait a minute: What was actually being promoted?

My post at Medium talks about why I voted for the selfie that wasn’t just an exercise in self-indulgence. Some things to consider when you run your selfie business promotion.


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CARTI at North Island College – supporting business innovation and economic development

Watch for the survey link coming soon – that’s how you can enter to win #FlavourSept21 tickets!

Got a business on the North Island? Naomi Tabata wants to hear from you – and she wants to give away a pair of tickets to #FlavourSept21 to someone who completes her short 5 minute survey (link coming this week).

How to win? Give 5 minutes of input  

To find out how to win, and how to help Naomi support business innovation on the Island, watch for my #NIC_CARTI interview with Naomi this week. That’s when she’ll be releasing the link to the survey. Follow CARTI on Twitter @NIC_CARTI or me @hanspetermeyer for up-to-date intel.

Who is Naomi Tabata? 

Naomi’s with North Island College’s Centre for Applied Research, Technology, and Innovation (CARTI). In September CARTI is launching a research project that will help NIC connect with business innovators in the region.

An example: One of the businesses that CARTI is helping to grow is Island Telemetrics, based in Cumberland. Island Telemetrics’s founder Steve Morgan talks about how NIC helped build their innovative business in this short video clip.

It’s Not Just Tech!

Naomi says CARTI isn’t just interested in tech innovation. They’re interested in any business innovations that they can help – with research, expertise, what have you.

Your business could be in

  • food, 
  • tourism, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • forestry, 
  • aquaculture – there is no limit. 

CARTI needs to hear from you to find out how they can better support business innovation and economic development on the North Island.

Why Am I So Keen?

CARTI is a client, so I’m doing my part to get the word out with content and survey strategy (that’s some of what I do at But there’s more to it. I genially work with clients I think are “good things” for my community or region. I think CARTI is one of those.

As some of you know, I used to work with the Communities Institute of BC (1992-1999), an initiative that started at North Island College as a community outreach project – connecting post-secondary resources with “learning about community issues.” I was thrilled to meet Naomi and hear about CARTI. I’m particularly excited that she’s invited me to be a small part of what CARTI is.

If this clicks for you, or if you want to see business innovation and economic development on the North Island, please share this post with business owners and managers in the greater North Vancouver Island region.

For More Information

FMI about CARTI see the website.
You can also follow them on Twitter at @NIC_CARTI. Watch for the survey link coming soon!

FMI about Island Telemetrics see the website. You can also follow them on Twitter @IslandTele. Watch for the Island Telemetrics profile coming soon to – part of the CVWebPosse “rich” profile series, promoting the region’s web / tech sector.

August 31, 2014

My #GrowHack2014 report – at Techvibes

Phil Jama and Jeff LaPorte – Team Daft Hack sporting their Recon-equipped gear, part of their JumpSquad winning hack at #GrowHack2014, Whistler August 2014

20 teams. 70 people. One room. 30 hours to build something to make Whistler the “smartest, most connected resort destination in the world.” I wrote about it for Techvibes here…


Who’s connecting the tech startup dots in Vancouver? @WeAreYVR that’s who

I like what WeAreYVR is up to: community building focused on the tech startup scene in Vancouver. It’s something they want to foster in other parts of the region – Vancouver Island, for example (more on that later). 
What WeAreYVR is doing is about growing the kind of “ecosystem” that entrepreneurs need to really make stuff happen. You know, like jobs with real wages and salaries, cool products and services that address real issues and needs – for starters. Claire Atkin is the project lead at WeAreYVR. I interviewed her about the project here…
I’ve put together a little SayZu project to show what’s up with WeAreYVR on Twitter (see below). It’s “live” cloud. I’m hoping to be on hand September 3, 2014 for their hackathon event. In the meantime, click on the cloud and see what people are saying in and around the WeAreYVR space… 

Sayzu.EmbedStream({ width:600, height:400, api:’’, id:6385, idc:23, autoActivate:false, showSidebar:true });

Background on WeAreYVR

Here’s the blurb from their site at

WeAreYVR is Vancouver’s startup community hub. We aim to aggregate information and resources to help connect & level up our tech startup community. Read more about the project.

We’re in beta! Please … browse the features on the support site..

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Build your online presence with a tech – web sector profile

Does your business get enough online exposure? Do people in your industry and marketplace really know who you are, what you’re selling, what makes your products or services different from the competition? Do they understand how you can help them with your products and services?

CVWebPosse and are offering a “rich” profile service for the tech and web-related businesses in our region. We are doing this because there is a regional economic and business development vacuum, i.e. no one is marketing our sector as a sector with talent and resources, products and services, to sell to the region, to the world. We figure it’s time we – those of us involved in the sector – simply did it ourselves. If your business needs marketing support, look at what we’re doing.


  • Mastermynde is a marketing and SEO business founded by Leif Jason. See the Mastermynde featured rich profile here.
  • is an illustration and design company founded by Ian Adams in the Comox Valley. See the Ian Adams/DoneCreative rich profile here.
  • EcoPeak Strategy is an online marketing and strategy service founded by Sean Kerrigan. See the EcoPeak rich profile here.
  • Island Telemetrics is an innovative technology company combining remote sensors, cloud computing, and real-time data collection to industry and government. Watch for the rich profile coming soon.

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Our goal with the CVWebPosse rich profiles is to create content – online “presence” – for your business, together with others in our sector. This will attract clients, investors, and talent to your business – and to our region. We doing this by creating “content” about the region’s tech/web sector. Our profiles about regional tech/web businesses are focusing on 3 basic questions:

  • Who are you and what is your business?
  • What makes your business or service unique?
  • Who is your target market?

Profiles are posted to the CVWebPosse website. You receive a link to the post, and your profile post is circulated via social media channels at and

More importantly for your business, this content belongs to you. Use it! Here’s how:

  • Embed the videos on your website and blog. 
  • Publish to your social media sites. 
  • Use the text as the basis for press releases. 

Profiles are the start of a content marketing campaign for your bsi will also provide material for print and online promotions and articles (planned).


Prices for profiles start at $750. This includes up to 3 video interviews, 500-1000 words, and some basic PR service (publishing to various social media services, etc). Additional content marketing services can be arranged with me. See my rates and packages here  ( I’m offering a 20% discount to members of CVWebPosse or QBWorkstation for 3 month subscription to one of my basic content marketing packages – please mention your connection to either CVWebPosse or QBWorkstation!).

Note: 5% of this cost goes to support CVWPosse educational activities.


It is our belief that you and your business represent an important part of the economic future of our region. Telling the story of your business lets others know more about what the tech / web sector is achieving. The more businesses profiled at, the stronger and more impressive the presence of our sector and community online. We look forward to seeing your story online.


Thanks to all of you who’ve signed on for the “early adopters” plan. If you haven’t seen their profiles yet, stay tuned. We’ll be posting to as they are ready.


For more information please contact me directly via or @hanspetermeyer on Twitter.


This was originally published at on January 29, 2014 at It has been revised with current information and content.

-hpm / @hanspetermeyer on Twitter 
updated August 6, 2014

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What is WeAreYVR? Claire Atkin says It’s about connecting tech startups in Vancouver – and beyond.

Claire Atkin is working on a project to create an “information hub” for Vancouver’s tech startup community. The project is called WeAreYVR, and it’s using a new community resource mapping software called Startup HealthCheck. Related to the Startup Genome Project, WeAreYVR is an entrepreneur-led initiative to measure the scope and the impact of the tech startup sector in the City of Vancouver region. The goal, “to aggregate information and resources to help connect & level up our tech startup community.”

Claire talked to me in June 2014 about WeAreYVR and why it’s important for tech entrepreneurs and to civic economic development.

The WeAreYVR / Startup HealthCheck people are interested in other communities’ experiences, especially with the Community HealthCheck software. For more information, see or follow them on Twitter at @WeAreYVR.

Watch this space for information on how to connect to the We Are Vancouver Island initiative that’s linked to WeAreYVR.

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It’s August and I’d rather be sailing! Instead I’m making hay while the sun shines. Update for August


Update: August 2014

What’s happening at

Yup, that’s me with my feet up on the boat. Getting from point A to point B by wind. Sailing is pretty new to me, and I find it magical. Quiet, soothing. What I need to be doing when things get busy.

Which is how August is looking. A couple of events: western Canada’s biggest logger sports competition, and a municipal-focused “hackathon” (that one’s in negotiation so I’m not at liberty to be too explicit). Follow me on Twitter to find out the latest news on these. I’m also writing another in the series on First Nations and the forest industry. This piece focuses on a young woman who’s building a career as a heavy duty machine operator in the forest industry.

What about food? 

The content development program for the annual Flavour Gourmet Picnic kicks in. This project is a good example of how content marketing by North Island College Foundation (host of Flavour Gourmet Picnic) gives back to the food producers and vendors in the Vancouver Island region. I’ll be doing more work with the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market, and talking to another regional food-related client about content development and marketing.

Getting more out of your events
Events cost time and money. One of the best ways to get better ROI on this investment is to use events as content development opportunities. That’s why I’m working the logger sports event: my client sees an opportunity to generate a lot of content and a lot of social engagement via my services.

It’s the same with the Flavour Gourmet Picnic. I’ll do lots of content (interviews with vendors and sponsors) prior to the event; during the event I’ll be live posting, showing the world what this region has to offer, showing the world the happy people enjoying this abundance.

If you’d like to get more bang for your event investment, please be in touch.

Another way to get more out of your ticketed events is via Picatic, a “fair pay” ticketing startup I’m working with. They’re getting a lot of attention for the way they help events large and small be more efficient. You can also pick up events tips via @PicaticBC on Twitter. Watch for #TuesTips.

@hanspetermeyer on Twitter

PS: Feel free to set up a call for questions or advice via my service. It’s $2/ minute, with all proceeds going to my favourite Comox Valley conservation organization, the Comox Valley Land Trust

Grace Obal and “peaches in July”


Grace Obal of Bates Beach Farm grows some of the tastiest tomatoes in the region (they show up on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the region). The Obal family is now producing peaches. Amazing! Part of the monthly content campaign for the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market.

Jared Shaw talks about tech in Qualicum


Jared Shaw is a former Vancouver-based entrepreneur who moved his family and his business to Qualicum Beach in 2012. He talks about how the Town of Qualicum, it’s strategy to attract and retain young families and entrepreneurs, and what that means for growing a regional tech economy.

AJ talks about Flavour Gourmet Picnic

The Flavour Gourmet Picnic event is a great harvest event showcasing good food and drink from the Vancouver Island region. It’s also about raising funds for the North Island College Foundation. In this video Ajinkya Chodankar – “AJ” – talks to me about being what brought him to the North Island College culinary arts program, his experience working with chefs in the Comox Valley, and his participation in the 2013 Flavour Gourmet Picnic. This guy is a gem!

Jayesh Parmar and 3 “don’t do’s” for startups

Another gem, and one of the innovators I have the pleasure to work with: Jayesh Parmar, CEO of disruptive event startup Picatic. After a recent keynote I asked him, at very short notice, to tell me about his 3 “don’t do’s” for startups. He said…
Ian Adams is a designer and illustrator based in the Comox Valley. He’s also passionate about connecting his values with his work. For Ian, a clean environment means good things. Including good beer.
Events are a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your site – website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, whatever. This is Part 1 of my “how to” make it happen for your business. Part of a series on getting better ROI for your events.
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